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Effective Personal Growth Strategies for Business Success

I was speaking to a business owner recently who was feeling very despondent and discouraged. She had taken a week off to go on an overseas holiday with her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary. When she got back, she spent most of her time mopping up staff issues and client complaints. “I’m never going […]

Leap-Frog Growth: Which is the Strategy for You?

We’ve spoken about organic growth before and why it’s a great fit for SME’s. Organic growth strategies focus on using the company’s own assets, energy and resources to expand the business as opposed to growing the company through a merger or acquisition strategy. The thing to remember is organic growth is just one aspect of […]

Why Building Effective Teams Builds Effective Businesses

Creating a high functioning proactive team that lives and breathes your brand is a dream for many business owners. And it will remain a pipedream for many more businesspeople who are so focused on working ‘in’ their business that they miss the opportunity to build a dream team around them. A dream team drives business […]

5 Sales and Marketing Tools for Organic Growth

  Imagine using these words to describe your business. Respected and valued. Highly profitable. Experiencing explosive organic growth. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Imagine if OTHER people described it back to you that way. That would sound even sweeter! So what is organic growth and how can you harness it? An organic growth strategy focuses on […]

How to Price For Business Success

  Think about some of the quality brands that are out there. You know the ones. Those companies that are synonymous with quality and excellent value for money (without being cheap). Those businesses who have made such a strong service connection with their customers that price isn’t even an issue anymore. You know who they […]