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Achieving Excellence in Business & in Life

Strategy & Growth

Looking to take your business to the next level?  We’ll work with you to help you put in place a strategic plan to truly scale up and will help you to determine your optimal business model.

Leadership & Management

Have you got the right team and culture in place to drive your business forward?  We can help you make the right hiring decisions, develop management skills and distill the core of your business into a clear set of values and behaviors to be adhered to.

Stepping Back

Want to hold on to your business but keen to take a step back from day-to-day management and pursue other opportunities?  We can help you select the right management team and put in place the appropriate systems to free up your time.

Selling your Business

Are you considering selling your business?  We’ll assist you in getting your company in optimal shape to maximize its attractiveness to potential buyers and can support you throughout the entire sale process.

“If we would only see that all limitations are self-imposed and chosen out of fear, we would leap at once”


About Andrew

Passionate about helping businesses & empowering young Australians.

Andrew is on a mission to enable millions of business owners to not only create great businesses but also to lead extraordinary lives; lives providing the freedom that business ownership always promises yet rarely delivers.  His systematic approach to designing and creating your ideal life and business is the one that he has implemented himself, to great effect, and that has been implemented successfully by countless clients.

Regularly ranked among the top business coaches globally, and recognized as Executive Coach of the year worldwide in 2018, 2020,2021, 2022 and 2023, Andrew has supported countless others to build prosperous businesses, delivering their owners enviable lifestyles. His approach to executive coaching is based on his business acumen and principles used when he grew a business from $50 million in sales to $2 billion in sales in under two years. Andrew has lectured in strategy and management at Sydney Business School, holds an MBA from INSEAD, Degrees in Economics and Law (Honors) from the ANU and is a published author of business books on strategy, management and the process of releasing yourself from your business.

Andrew is also actively involved in charities aiming to empower young Australians to achieve more in life and to that end has worked with organizations including Rotary, Rotaract, Junior Chambers International, the Oaktree Foundation, White Lion, Open Families Australia and the Top Blokes Foundation.  He continues to pursue his passion for sport and adventure and loves to spend time with his family and friends travelling, rock climbing, skiing, sailing or pursuing a range of other active pursuits.  Over the years he has been a professional mountain guide, run ultra-marathons around the world, played cricket to a professional level, rode his bike, alone, across the Nullarbor plain, and climbed such iconic ascents as the Totem Pole in Tasmania.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Successful business leader:

    • As Managing Director, turned around a $300M business in 12 months
    • As Managing Director, grew a $50M business to $2B in less than 24 months
  • Successful business owner:

    • Built one of the most successful coaching companies in Australia, which ran without Andrew’s day-to-day involvement and was then sold
  • Award-winning coach:

    • Dozens of awards for Andrew including Global Executive Coach of the Year – 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023
    • Many of Andrew’s clients have also won awards including BEF Best Company Overall, Most Innovative Company, Fastest Growing Company and Best Culture.  A number of them have also featured in BRW Best Places to Work & BRW Fastest Growing Companies.
  • Highly qualified in business:

    • Dual-certified Executive Coach
    • Certified Business Coach
    • MBA from Insead, France
    • LLB(Hons) from ANU, Canberra
    • BEc from ANU, Canberra
    • Guest lecturer on the Executive MBA Program at Sydney Business School
  • Accomplished Public Speaker

    • Andrew is an experienced and highly respected keynote speaker who has spoken at conferences and corporate events all around the world.
    • His ability to strongly engage audiences combined with his natural presence on stage and in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand make for presentations that are not only lively and extremely well-received but more importantly are real triggers for long term change.
  • Charity leader

    • Past President of the Rotary Club of Sydney
    • Has been actively involved with various other charities, including the Wesley Mission, the Salvation Army, the Oaktree Foundation, the Top Blokes Foundation and Rotaract

“If you’re not doing everything required to be a champion, you’re striving for mediocrity”

The Coaching Program

The underlying philosophy of Andrew’s coaching is one of Intentional Excellence; achieving exceptional results by design and planning.  It is coaching designed for Business Owners who are motivated to make changes and develop great businesses.

The contents of every coaching program are bespoke for that client.  The format of the program typically includes:

  • in-depth analysis and planning (both long- and short-term);
  • implementation support and structure;
  • engagement with and training for your team; and
  • networking and learning with other successful business owners (including the unique Business Growth Week held annually in the French Alps!)

The scale of outcomes typically produced by Andrew’s coaching is significant.  Andrew will support you through the entire journey to achieve them.  Whilst the intensity of coaching activity will vary during that journey, achievement of your desired goals and implementation of the plan to reach them will remain paramount throughout.   Find out more about the Coaching Program here.

Examples of subjects and activities covered by the program:

  1. Advanced Leadership and Management;
  2. Business Strategy and Planning;
  3. Sales and Marketing;
  4. Business Model Design;
  5. Business Mergers, Acquisitions and Sale;
  6. Team Development;
  7. Corporate Finance; and
  8. Personal Performance and Productivity.


A week spent in a private chalet in the beautiful French Alps with fellow successful business owners and business experts focusing on ways to multiply your business.

Online Programs and Tools

The Online Strategy Review Program: Based on Andrew’s “30 Essentials Strategy” book, this online program consists of 6 modules guiding you through the steps to define and review your company’s Core Asset.  It will lead you to carry out a very thorough and systematic analysis of your business and all its stakeholders, designed to trigger thoughts and generate ideas helping you to define the most valuable Core Assets for your Business.

The Exponential Growth Diagnostic Tool:  a list of the top 20 elements that drive exponential growth.  Assess your company’s mastery of each element and identify the areas that need to be developed.  A quick but highly useful tool for any company wanting to take business to take the next level.

For more information on these programs, please Contact Us.

What Andrew’s clients say

Andrew has the ability to pinpoint the real issue, challenge your thinking, and lead you to discover the best course of action without feeling like you’re being told how to run your business.  Andrew has delivered in spades and helped me achieve my objectives for this business. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking to drive their business to the next level.

Paul QuinnFounder of Quinntessential Marketing

I’m very conscious of the positive impact you’ve had on my life as a whole. A few words in an email don’t do it justice, but I truly appreciate it. Thank you for everything.

Dane EldridgeFounder & Non-Executive Chairman, 4mation Technologies & Already Built

12 months ago, we were losing $30,000 a month. After engaging Andrew, we’ve now moved to a profitable situation and we’ve recently sold the company for $5.4Million.

John RuskinCEO, Schaffler

The learnings were vast…Being around people that are really “killing it” has fuelled a fire to go and achieve more.  I couldn’t ask for more – it was a transformational experience. Spend a week surrounded by an abundance of ‘good things’, talking business with positive people and your life will be better.

Stephen O’SullivanOwner, Chairman & CEO, Trent Driving School

Keynote Speaker

Andrew has spoken to audiences all over the world; from conferences of a thousand people, to a group of 10 business leaders and most formats between including, in 2008, in the House of Lords.

His range of interests and achievements, along with his natural communication skill, enable Andrew to bring to life his experiences to effect positive change in other people.

If you’re seeking a high-impact keynote speaker who will genuinely add to your event, then get in touch with Andrew to discuss possible topics.

Popular topics for Andrew’s keynote addresses:

  • High performance habits….and the process to achieve success
  • Exponential growth…intentionally growing your business faster
  • Sustainable Success…how to untangle yourself from your business to free you both
  • Is Your Company Innovating Fast Enough? Leadership Methods to Drive Growth Through Innovation.
  • The World’s Most Productive Managers: Leadership Techniques to Create a high-performance Culture.
  • Ideal life…a proven process to building yours.

The Books

Strategy and Management are perhaps the two greatest distinguishing factors between reasonable businesses and great businesses.  They probably have a greater impact on the performance and value of a business than anything else.  Unfortunately, compared with finance, marketing, sales and other aspects of business that can be more easily learned or outsourced, Strategy and Management remain, for many, anything but straightforward.

Where so many of the existing books on Strategy and Management tend to be more theoretical, complicated or analytical, these books present a straightforward “how-to” on the subject.  They provide a set of practical steps that any business leader can implement quickly to enhance their core strategy and to get the best from their team; in turn dramatically increasing the value of their business.  Whether the owner of a Small Business, or a Senior Executive in a large Corporation, these books will provide a valuable tool.

The Strategy book lays out a new Framework for the development of any business and then focusses on the lever that has greatest impact on a company’s value – its Core Asset.  The book lays out a step-by-step process for the creation of a more valuable Core Asset in any business.  This approach was at the heart of how I grew Stella Travel UK from sales of $50Million to $2Billion in under 2 years and has now been used to multiply the size and value of a number of our clients.

The Management book lays out thirty things that any Manager should do in order to get the best out of their team.  It provides an explanation of each one to provide the reader with an easy-to-use reference tool.  These things have been implemented by many of our clients; allowing them to achieve exceptional business results and, in the case of several of them, gaining their businesses national recognition as Great Places to Work, in publications such as BRW.

Both books also provide an evaluation methodology for any business leader to assess their current Core Asset and their current Management Practices.

The Sustainable Success book then goes one step further by providing a practical framework for business owners to attain financial & personal freedom as well as business success.  It is an invaluable guide to actually attain the freedom that business ownership promises (but that few business owners achieve) and to ensure that businesses can truly achieve their potential – without being dependent on their owner.

All 3 books use thirty practical steps or activities cultivated by Andrew over his hugely successful career that any business leader can implement quickly to enhance their core strategy, get the best from their team and hand over the management of their business – and in turn dramatically increasing the value of their business.

Finally, Andrew’s latest book, The Question Code, is an innovative, actionable guide to mastering the art of asking questions that will make you completely rethink the way you communicate.

Thirty Essentials: Management

Thirty Essentials: Strategy

Thirty Essentials: Sustainable Success

The Question Code

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